A downloadable game for Windows

An arcade dogfighter where you play as a SCIACE drone fighting back against an evil oppressor's mobile fortress. Made for LD39 and inspired by the scale of games like Shadow of the Colossus the MEOWStudios team bring you their newest prototype game!  

The Objective of the game is to destroy the mother ship in the center of the desert by first destroying its shield generator, then its comms tower, then various vitals on the outside of the ship and finally its fusion core. Be careful not to run out of power while doing so however as this will mean the end of our cause!

(Playtime - 5-10 minutes)

Special Controls -

Mouse controls to Yaw and Pitch

A and D to Roll

Left Click to Shoot

W and S to use Throttle

Shift to Lock Rotation

Space to Look Around

Background music is Jessica Day's Methodology licensed under creative commons.

Check out our Tumblr https://meowstudiosofficial.tumblr.com 

Much love from,

Rubi - Game Designer, 3D Artist , Sound Designer.

Bliss - Programmer, Co Designer.

Install instructions

Download the .ZIP file, and then extract it to its own folder on your desktop then click the .exe and play.


S.C.I.A.C.E 17 MB


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Hey MEOWStudios! I had a bit of fun with this and am amazed that you made it in three days. I think it shows a lot of potential, and I genuinely cannot wait to see more projects from you. I'm eager to hear more news on Border Warfare and Project Spacefarer, so keep doing your awesome work! Love you guys!! -Lonnie

Hey Lonnie! It's wonderful to hear support from people that are genuinely interested in our projects! Thanks for your ongoing support in our games.  Project Spacefarer will be seeing its light on Itch very soon so make sure to keep an eye out! - Rubi and Bliss